Current “Workout”

Currently. I am testing a workout system that focuses on few workouts done in different ways. i.e. The same few “exercises” or “movements” but done with a focus on power, strength, or coordination. This plan I am going to keep for two more weeks and see how it goes.

I workout three days a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Monday’s I do Strength. Wednesday’s I do Coordination. Friday’s I do Power.

There are many movements that are closer to full body, or at least that you can do in “supersets” that will work your full body. I feel this is the best way to workout because your body is a system.

Your body parts all work together as a whole. You should train it as a whole, all, or as many parts as you can, working together.

Also, I do “mobility” drills and Flexability training in every workout.

After three to six weeks, I will change up the exercises I do on each day, but keep the focus. Look forward to another post showing some of the actual “exercises” I am currently doing.

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  1. I like full body moves. Makes a lot of sense too because technically you shouldn’t have to work out as long because it’s less moves :)

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