Consistency is Key

In the world of exercise, especially in current trends like Crossfit, there is this notion that you have to push yourself to death to gain the benefits of exercise. I call shenanigans. This idea grows from the thought that we have to workout to burn calories. Which is complete malarkey. To gain the benefits of working out you should not burn yourself out when your workout it shouldn’t be a death march every other day.

If you want the real benefit from working out, from movement you need to workout often, as often as every day even. I am not a hater on working out often. However, working out should not make you vomit every time, or even every other time. The key to effective, efficient, beneficial workouts is consistency. A good hard workout that makes you want to puke should come every so often. I would say for a very active person maybe once a month, but never more, and often less for most people.

So if you aren’t killing yourself what should you be doing? enough of a workout to feel your body move, to feel yourself sweat, and to feel your heart beat. Exercising as I have said in previous posts is for your body to move, to build coordination, strength and power. It is to build ability and mobility. The most effective way to do that, is to do movement based full body movements on a daily or almost daily bases. Mix this in with some strength training to gain muscle two or three times a week and on the off strength days do the same strength movements for power. This will give you a much more effective and efficient body. This isn’t a get a six pack in two weeks type of workout. This is a learn how to live how to outrun men and women 15 years younger than you, and be able to play sports with those same men and women and keep going with them for as long as they can if not longer.

That is fitness, its a lifestyle and a number of habits that give you the ability to move throughout your life.

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  1. Thanks Andrew! That is great advice!!

  2. Helping Andrew move was a great workout and fit all the criteria!! :)

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